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  • The enrolment fee is $200. The Administration fee is not refundable nor does the ‘Application For Enrolment’ guarantee a position in the College. Please note there is a 0.4% surcharge for this credit card payment

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Enrolment Acknowledgment

Promotion of faith

I/We agree to be respectful of the Christian faith community at the College. The School does not expect me/us to espouse the Christian faith at home.

I/We acknowledge and consent to the College teaching the child to engage in a relationship with God, to love Him, to love their neighbours, and to be inspired and sustained by hope in the goodness of God.

I/We agree that the child will attend pastoral and biblical living classes, assemblies, services of worship, spiritual retreats and service opportunities as required.


I/We have read the College’s Privacy Policy and agree to its terms.

Liability and indemnity

I/We agree that the College is not liable for the loss of the child’s personal effects.

I/We indemnify the College against any loss or damage caused by any failure by me/us or the child to comply with this Agreement, the College’s policies and the College’s rules.

I/We indemnify the College against any loss or damage caused by the wilful disobedience or reckless behaviour of the child.

Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement

I/We acknowledge that a breach of the above terms may result in revocation of an offer of enrolment, or the child’s suspension or removal from the College, at the sole discretion of the College.


I/We agree that our financial obligations (fees) under this contract are joint and several.

I/We acknowledge that that the College will not enter into disputes arising from disagreements between parents over responsibility for paying College Fees.

I/We agree to authorise the College to act on the direction of any one parent or guardian.

I/We agree that this contract forms the entire agreement in relation to your child’s enrolment.  This contract supersedes all prior communications, contracts, or agreements between you and the College in relation to your child’s enrolment, whether oral or written.

This contract is governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

I have read the Enrolment Agreement. http://www.bcc.act.edu.au/lyneham/enrol/how-to-enrol


As part of the enrolment process, this document will need to be signed.  *
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