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  • The enrolment fee is $200. The Administration fee is not refundable nor does the ‘Application For Enrolment’ guarantee a position in the College. Please note there is a 0.4% surcharge for this credit card payment

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I/We indemnify the College against any loss or damage caused by the wilful disobedience or reckless behaviour of the child.

Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement

I/We acknowledge that a breach of the above terms may result in revocation of an offer of enrolment, or the child’s suspension or removal from the College, at the sole discretion of the College.


I/We agree that our financial obligations (fees) under this contract are joint and several.

I/We acknowledge that that the College will not enter into disputes arising from disagreements between parents over responsibility for paying College Fees.

I/We agree to authorise the College to act on the direction of any one parent or guardian.

I/We agree that this contract forms the entire agreement in relation to your child’s enrolment.  This contract supersedes all prior communications, contracts, or agreements between you and the College in relation to your child’s enrolment, whether oral or written.

This contract is governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

I have read the Enrolment Agreement. http://www.bcc.act.edu.au/lyneham/enrol/how-to-enrol


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Please note: Brindabella Christian College usually accepts students with a Permanent Residence Visa.  

Students on other visas are required to pay the full fees of the college and the amount of governement funding.  Your fees will be required upfront.

For Students from overseas 

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Please attach:

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  • Psychological reports
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  • Special needs diagnosis
  • Action Plan

Please detail any long term medication being taken.

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Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre Options

This choice covers an ELC programme for 2 years (P3 & PK). Any request for change will be dependent upon a place being available.
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The applicant’s enrolment is subject to vacancies existing at the time. Receipt of Application for Enrolment form does not automatically guarantee the child’s enrolment at the College as assessment and interview procedures, subject to the Principal’s discretion, will follow.

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